Learn to Play Piano 5x Faster (or it’s free)

I know this sounds nuts, but this only works for 3 types of piano students.

Will it work for you?

Students learning piano have 1 of 3 problems. Which one are you? Take the quiz.

When it comes to learning piano…

Is it possible to learn ANY piano music without private lessons using these techniques?

Here’s the thing…
Students struggling to improve their piano playing usually only suffer from 

1 of 3 possible problems.

Yes – the goal is to find the #1 piano practice issue that is holding you back.
However the challenge is this…

As a piano student

  • with no piano teacher
  • who’s self taught at home
  • who learned by ear or memory
  • who practices a lot but doesn’t improve

It’s sometimes difficult to know what your #1 piano practice issue is…

And how to fix it.

Solving this problem for piano students is what my team and I do all day, every day (especially if you’ve seen my Instagram stories).

That’s the reason why we have this guide here, which we’ll be using to diagnose and prescribe.

But who am I? Why should you be paying attention?



🎹 Achieved 3 piano diplomas by age 14 in piano performance and piano teaching

👩‍🎓 Since 2009, has taught 100+ students 1-on-1, and 2,300+ students online worldwide

📲 Gained over 150k+ followers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube in the past year

Now that my practice has reached this point, I’m only able to personally help so many people each week. 

The only way to do more is to expand outside my geographic area and my private practice and begin helping people online.

And that’s the reason I’ve decided to make this quiz available for free.


So here’s what you need to do now, if you’re interested or even just curious, here’s what I recommend:

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The only catch is this, because this tool is typically something I give access to my private students, I haven’t decided how much longer I’ll be making this tool available for free.

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