Student increases Piano Finger Speed by 52% in 3 weeks (using this Ancient method)

What is the ancient method?
Hanon exercises, est. since 1873 (included in every level 😉)

I’d like you to meet student @iglikullolli from Albania

Hanon No. 6 at 72bpm.
Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 5 2020 (72bpm).mp4 974.56 KB

Hanon No. 6 at 152bpm.
Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Jan 2, 2020 (152bpm).mp4 676.87 KB

In 3 weeks of starting Hanon with the metronome, Igli achieved a 52% increase in finger speed + control by Hanon No. 6.

Here are the facts:

  • I met Igli in Sep 2020
  • Igli loves to play repertoire like River Flows in You, Mariage D’amour, but there was a huge issue…
  • Igli’s playing was messy, uneven, and his fingers felt weak.
  • He did not know how to use a metronome 

before using a metronome @iglikullolli.mp4 2.28 MBriver flows in you @iglikullolli dec 2020.mp4 1.89 MB

Igli was passionate about piano…
But his weaknesses made him feel depressed and lost…

He knew he had a problem and wanted to fix it, so…

  • Igli joined our program in Dec 2020
  • He had never counted out loud… 
  • He had never done a single piano technique drill…

The Results


Here’s how Igli went from…

all the way to…


Stronger, Faster Fingers in 3 weeks

  1. Igli achieved a 52% increase in speed by counting out loud with the metronome by Hanon No. 6.
  2. Igli started at less than 100bpm, with uneven notes and no counting. 
  3. Igli is now able to achieve 100% accuracy at 152bpm.


After learning Hanon No. 1 to 5 in Level 1…

Igli started Hanon No. 6 with a metronome…

Like everyone else, he struggled to play in time with the metronome, so

  • he clapped
  • he counted out loud
  • he set the metronome to 72bpm 
    (1 tick = 1/16th note)

Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 5 2020 (72bpm).mp4 974.56 KBHe had trouble making transitions in time…
Hanon transition up down @iglikullolli.mp4 774.35 KB


1 week later, Igli is playing Hanon No. 6 at 96bpm and 112bpm. Watch his fingers begin to develop strength.
Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 16 2020 (96bpm).mp4 798.09 KBHanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 16 2020 (112bpm).mp4 628.99 KB

  • it’s hard, but he counts out loud
  • he masters accuracy at each metronome speed
  • when comfortable, he increases the speed 
    (1 tick = 1/16th note)


By Dec 28, Igli is playing Hanon No. 6 at a stable speed of 120bpm.

Watch his fingers with control.

Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 28 2020 (120bpm).mp4 939.75 KB

Seeing how stable he is, we decide to push for 144bpm, and 152bpm to the sixteenth note (1 tick = 1/16th note)

Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 28 2020 (144bpm).mp4 872.32 KBHanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Dec 29, 2020 (152bpm).mp4 711.67 KBDec 29 at 152bpm is nearly there, but still raw.

On Jan 2, 2021 Igli sends this video of Hanon No. 6 at 152bpm.

Hanon No. 6 @iglikullolli Jan 2, 2020 (152bpm).mp4 676.87 KB

Now you might be wondering…What is student @iglikullolli up to now?

The Dream

Since Sep 19, 2020 @iglikulloli’s dream was to play Maksim Mrvica’s version of Pirates of the Caribbean

The Solution

To achieve this, he needs to:

  • learn how to count in 12/8 time 
  • learn how to count with the metronome
  • improve his finger speed + control

Like a lot of self taught pianists, Igli has lots of songs and piece he likes. He loves playing repertoire like:

  • River Flows in You
  • Mariage D’amour
  • Chopin Nocturne No. 20 

But he suffered from 2 main problems:

1. Slow Finger Syndrome

Slow Finger Syndrome is easy to fix…
…if you know what to practice

If you want to:

  • have no problem playing 95% of all sheet music online… 
  • play with evenness and 100% rhythm accuracy 

You just have to:

  • practice Hanon with the metronome + count
  • master a minimum of Hanon No. 1 to 31

If you can master a new exercise from Hanon every week, you will finish Level 10 in less than 1 year.

2.Low Progress Disorder

Here’s what I said…

“You’re 7 months [in] playing something that took me 7 years. You’re doing fine.”

What can you learn from this?

Here’s the plan:

  • Level 0 Technique – Hanon No. 1 to 5  
  • Level 1 Technique – Hanon No. 6 to 10 (current)

If Igli can achieve a speed increase of 52% by the 6th Hanon exercise, all you need to do is:

  • Practice a exercise Hanon daily (3-5 reps)
  • Count out loud
  • Use a metronome

“But I practice a lot!”
If you still see no results with a lot of practice…
It’s not HOW MUCH you practice, it’s HOW you practice.

Check your form, check your counting.
Don’t build bad habits, it will take time to undo them.

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