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10 Viral Piano Videos in
10 Days?

You don’t need to play the entire piece to have a viral piano video. Let me show you which 10 parts to play, and how to practice them.

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I help pianists who want to

Where the hell have you been? You're exactly what people are looking for when trying to learn the piano online. I'm only 10 minutes in the video and I've learned more than anything else. Awesome work keep it up! You need to be known.
Thank you very much for your help!You have no idea how thankful I am to have someone to guide me! :)))Not many people actually take time to personally respond to DM's, appreciate it!
Jonathan Nguyen

10 day challenge

You will learn how to play my most viral piano videos

Day 1 to 10

The Plan

Countless gymnasiums have been filled with students suspecting a classical performance, before smoothly transitioning to the 2000’s classic, now viral meme song “Still D.R.E” by Dr. Dre.

Perhaps Beethoven’s most recognized piece on piano. My Mom learned how to play this in 2020, and she only started playing piano in 2019. We will cover mm. 1 to 8 before transitioning into “Still D.R.E.” again.

One of the most requested anime meme songs from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures. Made popular on piano in 2019, most notably by Fonzi M. and Joe Jenkins with over 30M views on YouTube.

Whether you want to play this for your crush, for the feels, or while sitting in a river, this piece is a must have in your repertoire at parties. 

This masterpiece by Debussy gives me chills just thinking about the opening. We will cover the beginning 2 lines, just enough for you to demonstrate your sophisticated taste in Impressionist music at social events.

Instantly recognizable tune on the streets, draws crowds far and wide to appreciate this song by Queen. In 2019, 12 year old Cole Lam amassed 54M views performing Bohemian Rhapsody in public.

Many know this piece from The Pianist. Some know it from Rousseau’s LED piano videos. Wherever you know it from, this piece is easily broken down into C# minor arpeggios and trills that will stun crowds.

My personal favorite flashbang piece to end a public concert. Having played this beautiful arrangement by Jarrod Radnich multiple times, I’ve shortened the piece into 3 variations you can play within 60 seconds.


Which level are you? 😅 ##tiktokcovers ##piano ##music ##piratesofthecaribbean ##fyp ##foryou

♬ original sound – Lucien Lu

1.4M views on TikTok. This arrangement played in public has also helped me reach 7k subscribers https://www.tiktok.com/@levelsofpiano/video/6840957647244627205on YouTube.


1.7M views on TikTok. The ultimate transition from the 3rd Mvt of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.




Student Reviews

I really appreciate the work that you do to help people that have difficulty in piano. All the pianists should take you like their idol and should admire you because you are doing great work I just started watching your videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and you are just awesome since the quarantine started (I'm just at my first year of music and I watched your videos where you were talking about the mistake that beginners do and I found that I was making those mistakes 😅 but now I'm correcting them, and now I downloaded an app to use the metronome) I'm so grateful to you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jannat El Maoukour
Hey👋 I guess you already know this, but I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your second to last video was! Being dedicated to something, whatever it is, is hard work and demands a lot of sacrifice. It's so important what you do, you are an inspiration to others and showing people that it is possible to reach one's goals when one goes all-in for it, thank you🙏🏼I'm looking forward to see more content from you in the future🎹😄 God bless you!
Hanne Lisbet
Thank you so much for your advice!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!! I will practice Hanon 31 and do stretch!! My right back of hand feels pain around after practicing this piece 😅 I feel like I need to master the craft well first. I will send you a video when I get it!OMG! Thank you so much again!!!!!
Damn I reckon this guy needs more attention, he does a lot of detailed piano tutorials for FREE! By the way thanks for the really helpful tutorial. Keep up the good work. 😁👍

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10 Viral piano videos in 10 days?

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